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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Update for Visions by Ron

Greetings to Everyone!! Ron and I, have had a full schedule since the last time, I posted - it has been almost a couple weeks,
since the last posting, We had a "Gemstone Carving Class" the students were learning how to do "Stone in Stone" inlay(I do have pictures to share with you).  The class was held in Gilroy, at Graceful Customs Studio.
    A group of friends, Ron and myself - we went on a tour of a Foundry.  Wow! - now I do casting, but they are very, very small items, compared to some of the objects they had cast at that Foundry.  Can you imagine, melting enough metal to produce a 6ft or 12ft object.  I was so amazed, to be able to see them work on larger items.
    In spite - of our vehicle issues(the engine on the truck died a couple weeks ago)with the help of my older Sister.  She let us use her mini van.  We were able to make it to Anaheim, The American Opal Society has their Gem Show - in Anaheim, CA.  If you are a fan of Opals - that is the show you need to try to attend.  Oh my!!!!! some of the opals - the dealer have.  There was a lot drooling on the glass cases.  Yes - we do have pictures of the show and "Opals"  to share with you.
  Also, one of the dealers at the show, is an amazing Jewelry Artist - His work is!? - well - and more pictures.  He jewelry pieces are breathtaking, beautiful.
  When we were at the Denver Gem Show, we meet a Miner from Mexico.  There was an earlier post
on Mexican Leopard Opal - opalized material intermixed with balsalt.  The son, with a friend was able to join us in Anaheim, at the show. We showed his material, plus they also had some realy nice Mexican Fire Opal - at great prices.  Don't worry - I took pictures of the material!!! And you know Ron, of course he is going to have some of the material available for sale.
  Last, but not least - I have more pictures of carvings done by students - so if you have pictures or comments to share.  Please email me.
  Oh - Do not forget - There is a "Gem Stone Carving Class" in San Jose coming up.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Up Coming "Gem Stone Carving Class"

This coming weekend, there will be a "Gemstone Carving Class" at Graceful Custom Studio's in Gilroy, CA
The dates are October 30th & 31st(Saturday & Sunday)

The following pictures are some of the carvings done by students, that have taken the "Gem Stone Carving

The above carving was done by a student, David Marshall - He took Ron's carving class in June 2009

This material is the Rhodonite from Australia - The carving was done by Daniel Morse - He took the class
January 2010.

This wonderful Rose Quartz carving was done by another student, David Christensen - he also took the class in January of 2010.

These are just a few of the Students, and a some of their work.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Some of Ron's new Children(Gem Stone Carvings)

I will post some of Ron's new little sculptures. One of the materials, he has like working with for the last couple of weeks has been, a Gemstone Crystal in their host rock.  He has picked ups a Blue/Green Tourmaline, Red Spinel, and a Ruby.  I believe the host rock is a form of calcite.
Host Rocks with Ruby Crystals      

The one piece he has finished carving, an the other he is still carrying around in his pocket.  He had some much fun, and more carving Ideas - at the last couple shows, he went looking for more material with
the gem stone crystal in it.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Peninsula Gem and Mineral Show 2010 - Los Altos Civic Center

This Weekend(October 23 and 24) Ron and I were in Los Altos at the "Peninsula Gem and Mineral Show".  They are a smaller Gem Club, and the Show had Eleven Dealers.  But even with being a smaller show, we were kept quit busy talking and showing what we had to offer.  Some of the Dealer's were - Rick Kennedy with Earth's Treasures, he has the most amazing specimens - and one of the few Dealers that has Benedonite specimens and the faceted ones also.  Sal Chavez with Casa De Lumbre - if you are looking for opals and spinels - he is the person you want to see.  Nancy Nagle with N.C. Nagle Gemstones a supplier of assorted loose gemstones and beads.
These were just a few of the dealers that were at the Gem Show.
Ron was kept busy show people different polishing tricks, diamond carving tools - and having them drooling
over his finished carvings.  He also got the chance to talk to a few of the under sixteen crowd, about the Lapidary Arts.  One of Ron's goal's is to be able to teach - to be able to pass it on to the younger generation.
So, one of my goals is - I need to set up a program - so we can do some classes for the next generation.
Another weekend, and Gem Show is done for the year - we enjoyed it - it was a great weekend.
Many of you came by to say Hi!, and show us what you have been working on.
The next event is the "Gem Stone Carving Class" in Gilroy at Graceful Custom Studio's.  Those of you that have signed up, we look forward to seeing you next weekend, October 29, 30, & 31, 2010.

Monday, October 18, 2010

El Dorado County Mineral & Gem Show

This past weekend, October 16 & 17th, 2010 - Ron and I attended the Gem and Mineral Show in Placerville, CA - We had a booth, showed Ron's latest work, and he also demonstrated Gem Stone Carving.
We saw and talked to a lot of old friends and meet new friends.
I always enjoy the Gem Shows, it is always fun seeing the rocks and minerals.  Going and seeing what the
other  Artist are doing.  A lot of the Clubs will have various demonstrators at their Shows.
 The weekend was beautiful, we had a some rain on Sunday - but it didn't stop anyone from coming.

We are looking forward to our next show - This coming weekend - Los Altos, CA

We hope to see you there.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Something New and Something Old - at the Gem Show in Denver, Colorado

On our way back from Minnesota - as we went through Denver, Colorado.  We remembered, there was a Gem Show going on.  So, of course we had to stop.
It is never a hardship to look - ex-specially  when it comes to Rocks, Minerals and Gems Stones.  Several
years ago when Ron and I were at the Denver Show - They had wonderful fossils and  Dinosaurs bones and fossils.
As we were going through the Show, we met these Gentlemen from Mexico.  Their Family own a mine in Mexico - The material was opal inter mixed with a host rock, Balsalt.  For the 30 and younger group.
I thought it would be prefect.  Almost every young Lady under 25 - basic color is Black.
I will post some of the pictures,  I took of the material

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This Fall's Lapidary "Gem & Mineral Shows" Line up - October 2010

Greetings -
We have been invited to, and will be Demoing and Showing at several  "Gem and Mineral Shows".  For the month of October,  - Schedule
Feather River Lapidary & Mineral Society - Oroville, CA  -  October 2 & 3, 2010
El Dorado County Mineral & Gem Society  - Placerville, CA  -  October 16 & 17, 2010
Peninsula Gem & Geology Society   -  Los Altos, CA   -  October 23 & 24, 2010
  Gilroy  @ Graceful Customs Studio, (October 29,30 & 31, 2010) Carving Class - See posting for information.
We are looking forward to the shows, and seeing all our friends.  We hope, that you would be able to attend
one or two of the Gem Shows.   Ron and I used to open up the "Rock & Gem Magazine"  find where the
"Rock and Gem Show" was that weekend.  Off, we would go - Road Trip.